Being a woman in sport…the sexism Thing and more+

While I’m happy to see the progress and changes happening within sport for women for example…

*Finland- women’s and men’s football teams being paid equally, 

*Tennis- both men and women receiving equal prize money at 2017 US Open,

 *Rio 2016 Olympics- approximately 45% women participating *highest percentage to date*

…women in all aspects of sport still face many other issues uncommon to men…

In an example more recently, apparently women aren’t expected to be knowledgeable on sports as we saw NFL player Cam Newton laugh to a female reporter saying “it’s funny to hear a female talk about routes”. What was so funny about that? Why is it funny that a female reporter doing her job isn’t well versed about the game she’s covering? Why? Because she’s female… for me..if persons asking for a massage after hearing you are a Physio isn’t bad enough… hearing ” o you’re the physio working today? Then you must have a good understanding of anatomy..and you know some people have larger body parts than others..” -_- orr “feeling much better after seeing you” or “don’t blush baby” alll comments that wouldn’t be dared uttered to males in the same job. 

Why is it necessary to comment on a females’ looks or attire instead of focusing on the job at hand or the way in which the job is being carried out. Females in sport are still objectified on and off the field be it athletes, journalists, physiotherapists, administrators, coaches…

Women in sport face many issues daily just because of their gender but two of the most annoying I’ve experienced are sexual harassment and sexism. 

Whether it be behind the desk in sports administration, on the field or in the dressing room women working in sport battle with these issues daily. Some appear to have better coping mechanisms than others but some fall victim…in worst cases imposed by coaches themselves. 

Many females in sport sadly experience sexual abuse or harassment in one way or another. 

On another note, women train hard just like men do however still don’t seem to get the same respect men do playing the same sport. 

Times are changing indeed however, women’s sports are still thought to be less entertaining, less skillful, and less physical and still receive less prime time coverage to name a few. 

We are making progress but there’s still more room for more women to be involved in all aspects of sport and to be seen as leaders and experts regardless of gender. 

There’s no time like the present and we need to continue to engage and encourage young girls and women to pursue their dreams in all arenas of sport.

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