Travelling Physio… Glamour proof

I’ve never written a blog before but it’s been on my mind recently that maybe I should try it.
I felt like I wanted and needed to share a bit of my experience as a travelling Physio.
Most times people see travelling as glamorous and exciting and people always say “oh I’d love to have your job” or “you’re so lucky” but they don’t quite see the not so glamorous side of travelling for sport.
Travelling with sports teams is more demanding than meets the eye. It involves early days, late nights, long flights, sucky plane food and commuting to and from sports venues, travel woes of customs departments, overlays and sometimes lost baggage. Oh and how could I forget..bad hair days andd goodbye to weekend freedom 😖Feeling tired and worn out is common since most days include marching up and down behind athletes in hot or cold conditions.
Most importantly however is the fact that while yes, sport does allow you to travel the world, most time is spent at either the hotel or sporting venue. The odd off day is usually spent resting or with a couple rushed hours of sightseeing.. definitely not what persons would expect when learning of travel to uncommon places.
I’ll also take this time to discuss the members of the support team who an athlete or team usually travel with. Player(s), coach(es), manager, physio, trainer, and with larger teams, massage therapist, doctor, video analyst, psychologist.
Usually with smaller teams the team will comprise of players, coaches, a manager and frequently considered “Jack of all trades” …Physio. Now while each team member has a valuable and specific role to play in ensuring the athlete(s) perform at their best, it almost alwaysss seems like the physio’s work is around the clock aka 24/7 aka nuh rest. From early morning taping and strapping prep to throughout game/match coverage to post match recovery and sometimes even throwing in a bit of one on one. Lending a listening ear to an athlete who needs to vent or just someone to talk to.
The Physio’s work never seems to end and definitely takes one with a good spirit and upbeat personality. Nevertheless I love what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world. Physical therapy is one hell of job but a heck more fulfilling.

Ps. Below photo was taken in less than 2mins hoping out of a taxi on-route to the airport.



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